CEO knows this is a difficult time for you. You suspect that your spouse is having an affair, you have imagined the scenarios, revisited the conversations and you've asked yourself all the questions. Now, you want concrete proof. We understand that concerns about your spouse's infidelity are likely having a devastating effect on your daily life. Has your spouse or partner been up to these activities listed below?

  • A sudden increase in the amount of time your spouse/partner stays away from home.

  • Your spouse/partner leaves for work earlier then they use to or need to.

  • Your spouse/partner starts working overtime, weekends.

  • Your spouse/partner starts to travel more out of town, "on business" or "separate vacations".

  • Your spouse/partner has the same business partners/employees travel with them on every trip.

  • Your spouse/partner does not return cell phone calls to you as quickly as before.

  • Your spouse/partner has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed.

  • Your spouse/partner cell phone bills contain calls with long duration., especially just after they leave in the morning or just before they get home.

  • Your spouse/partner leaves the house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone.

  • Your spouse/partner suddenly take more pride and care with their clothes and appearance.

  • Your spouse/partner demonstrates a decreased sexual desire for you.

  • Your spouse/partner changes their sexual practices.

  • Your spouse/partner is too drunk to come home, spends night at friend's house!

  • Your spouse/partner spends more time with friends at gatherings that don't include you.

  • Your spouse/partner increases the amount of time they spend using the computer.

  • The mileage on the car your spouse/partner uses is higher than usual with no apparent reason.

  • Their clothing smells of perfume or cologne.

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